How it Started- My Love Affair with Air-Cooled Porsches.

I remember seeing air-cooled Porsches running up and down between Palos Verdes and the beach cities when I first moved to Los Angeles in 2014. But suddenly, they were gone, and you can only see them at the local cars and coffee. In a time where people seem to put more emphasis on horsepower, comfort, and the newest technology, I sort of forgot them, too. I was distracted by the noise of the Italian V12s roaring through the streets of Los Angeles. I also began my college career the following year, where I put all my focus into my studies, eager to transfer to the University of Southern California. 

Fast forward to fall 2018, just as I thought I was done with “the college experience” at USC and wanted to move home, I found a room for rent across Trojan liquor, where I first met Mr. Sid Pandey's wine red ‘82 911 Super Carrera.

My fascination for the air-cooled Porsche was reignited. I left a note on his windshield with something along the lines of "Hey man I love your car, can we be friends?" I was eager to find out the story behind the owner and the car. Turns out Sid was a graduate student at USC and his SC was his only car at the time. Sid did not hesitant to share with me how he acquired the car, his ownership experience, and everything Porsche related. Most importantly, he was not afraid to drive it.

It was also through Sid I had the opportunity to become friends both Mr. John Benton, his son Ian Benton at Benton Performance and many other car enthusiasts, where we would go to different events and gatherings, or just hang out and talk about life.

Big thanks to my older brother, along with my friends who told me to stay near campus. I couldn’t imagine how boring my life would be had I become a commuter.